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Atrium Health Live Exercise Classes

Tuesday 11.08.20 – This circuit involves full body movements, so make sure you choose an appropriate level

August classes

Wednesday 05.08.20 – This is the advanced version of the previous balance circuit, so feel free to try this one out as well!
Tuesday 4th August – This circuit focuses on exercise that will improve your balance.

July classes

july 2020
Wednesday 29th July (PART 2) – Please watch part 1 before watching this video. Due to technical issues the circuit got split into two videos.
Wednesday 29th July (PART 1) – Sorry again for the technical issues during this circuit. Please watch part 2 after this video to see the full circuit.
Tuesday 28th July (PART 2) – Due to technical issues this video only contains the circuit. Go to part 1 to watch the warm up.
Tuesday 28th July (PART 1) – Due to technical issues, this video only contains the warm up. Go to part 2 after to see the full circuit.
Wednesday 22nd July – Grab some weights and get involved with another one of our evening circuits!
Tuesday 21st July. This video is a little bit shorter than previous (due to technical issues). Make sure you do a cool down after you exercise.
Wednesday 15th July. Give this exercise circuit a go! Make sure you’ve got plenty of room and water.
Tuesday 14th July. Take part in this live exercise class you won’t regret it!
Wednesday 8th July. Another live exercise class, join in and be safe.
Tuesday 7th July. Another video for your pleasure. Take care and enjoy!
Wednesday 1st July. Enjoy this full body workout, make sure that you do a warm up before and a cool down after.

June classes

june cal
Tuesday 30th June. Another live exercise class for you guys to enjoy. There are plenty of variations for each exercise so do whatever is suitable for you!
Tuesday 23rd June. Make sure you have a couple of dumbbells or anything that can provide some resistance.
Wednesday 17th June. A full body workout that requires little equipment. Grab some weights and get involved!
Tuesday 16th June. Another morning session. Make sure you’ve got your water handy to keep hydrated!
Tuesday 9th June. Get involved with this live class. Make sure you exercise at your level and enjoy this circuit!
Tuesday 2nd June. Our first video in June is a good one! Get up, get active and enjoy!

May classes

may cal
Tuesday 26th May. Our second live class, make sure you have plenty of space and stick to your level!
Tuesday 19th May. This is our first class we broadcasted live onto Facebook! What a perfect way to get active.

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