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Atrium Health’s Guide to Exercise!


On this page you will find a variety of exercise videos that you can participate in the comfort of your own home. These exercises can improve your balance, coordination and strength to name a few…

1 Warm up 2

Full Body Circuit 1

Included exercises: High knees, Wall press, Sit to stand, Upright row, Step up, Triceps kickback, Upper body rotation

Full Body Circuit 2

Included exercises: Star jump, Steering wheel, Sit to stand & press, Triceps dip, Step up, Mountain climber, High knees, Biceps curl

Resistance Training Circuit

Included exercises: Sit to stand/Box squat, Shoulder press/Front raise, Calf raise, Bent over row, Split squat, Squat & press
3 - Resistance Training

Partner Circuit

Included exercises: Rotation & pass, Sit to stand & pass, Resisted walking, Upright row & pass, Sofa slap, Partner knee raises

Full Body Circuit 3

Included exercises: Squat & press, Jog on the spot, Bent over row, Counter top push up, Side lunge, Assisted crunch

Higher Functioning Circuit

Included exercises: Jog on the spot, Curtsy lunge, Deadlift, Goblet squat, Around the worlds, Arnold press

Lower Functioning Circuit

Included exercises: Knee raise, Side step, Step back, Sit to stand, Arm raise, Punches
2 - Cool down
4 - Stretching

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