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Functional Exercise Sessions

Establishing and maintaining improved fitness and well-being

Members are encouraged to maintain improved fitness and wellbeing through functional exercise plans devised and monitored by our team of highly trained health professionals.

The Functional Studio

Recently kitted out with new state of the art equipment to enable patients to exercise in new way using practical movements required in every day for fitness.

Functional Exercise


We have an assortment of equipment available for our patients and members to use during their sessions. Specialist exercise team members and volunteers are always on hand to offer support and coaching

  • Aerofloor​ –balance training
  • Weighted bags​- core strength
  • Wheel barrow​- total body exercise
  • Obstacle course ladder​- agility/balance
  • Sled ​- mimics lawnmower/shopping trolley for real world specificity
  • Oversize-medicine balls​ – total body exercise and balance
  • T- bar row​- much needed core strength for lower back strength and mobility.

Low mobility sessions

These sessions are for all patients in the early phase of rehab who may be unable to use the conventional equipment in the main gym.
Patients may attend these sessions until they develop greater muscular strength and endurance required for traditional exercise plans. This will help them to tolerate more meaningful amounts of continuous aerobic exercise on traditional bikes, rowers, and treadmills.

While everyone has different goals and priorities, older adults would all probably agree that a big priority for them is to remain capable of doing ‘activities of daily living’ (ADL). In other words, being able to maintain independent living while staying free of falls, and being able to remain social! With this in mind, we have developed a well-designed circuit to improve mobility, strength, flexibility, and balance, but also stimulate cognitive function for psychological benefits. Most of all our sessions are designed to be good fun for all!

Participants are well-supervised to ensure correct form, and appropriate exercise intensity, all of which is practised throughout the circuit. This is important because in absence of feedback some older members are not able to perform exercises correctly or to sustain an appropriate intensity throughout an unsupervised exercise session.

Functional Exercise

Ongoing exercise – functional circuits

We are now offering functional circuit classes as a fun alternative way to offer group exercise to Atrium Members.​ (Please note: there may be additional charge for these classes.

(Terms and conditions apply.)

Circuit training is an excellent way to improve ​mobility​, ​strength​ and ​stamina​.
The circuit normally comprises of 6 to 10 exercises or stations that are completed one exercise after another i.e. in a circuit.
Each exercise is performed for a specified number of repetitions or for a set time before moving on to the next exercise. The exercises within each circuit are separated by a short rest period, and each circuit is separated by a longer rest period.
The total number of circuits performed during a training session may vary from two to six depending on your training level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), your period of training (preparation or competition), and your training objective.

Functional Exercise

Advantages of circuit training are:

  • Develops strength and endurance
  • Appropriate form of training for all conditions
  • Can be adjusted to suit age, fitness, and health
  • Exercises are simple enough to make you feel a sense of achievement in completing them
  • A wide variety of exercises to select from, which will maintain your enthusiasm
  • Socially interactive – it’s fun!
Functional Exercise

What our members say:

We joined Functional Circuit Training from the outset.

It has been a most enjoyable and worthwhile experience. The exercises have enabled us to achieve a fitness level which has helped in our day to day life. They are challenging, achievable and are also made to be fun. We very much look forward to Fridays, it is so different from doing our normal gym. We are getting fitter and having our own “happy hour” working with everyone in teams.

John and Lesley , Atrium Members

The Atrium is a lifeline; it offers not just help of the physical kind but help of the mental kind! The trainers make you realise that you can have fun and enjoy yourself whilst you rehabilitate and that it’s not just bikes, treadmills and weights! Do you know what is best about the functional circuits classes at Atrium? It’s when the person next to you asks “are you a patient or a guest?” and you realise how far you have come.

Jenny, Atrium Member

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