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  • Services Overview

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Ongoing Exercise Sessions

How can we help you?

Atrium Health’s prime objective is to provide tailored programmes for: 

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Life-Lung Fitness
  • Ongoing exercise sessions

In addition, Atrium offers a range of meeting, studio and consultation facilities at highly competitive rates.  For further details, please contact: 024 7623 4570.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation has been running in the city of Coventry for more than 20 years. It has been successfully developed from a small hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation programme, into a large and well equipped community service delivered by Atrium Health Ltd. The company’s Centre for Exercise and Health is available to cardiac and pulmonary patients through the day and evening, five days per week.


The service

Who can attend Cardiac Rehabilitation?

The programme is for anyone that has had:

  • A heart attack
  • Coronary artery bypass grafts
  • Heart valve repair or replacement


This treatment phase commences during your hospital stay and usually takes place in the Coronary Care Unit or Ward 10 at the University Hospital.

A nurse will assess your needs and initiate your recovery plan - identifying the educational, physical and emotional support needed to help you function safely and independently after your discharge from hospital. You will be fully involved throughout this process.

Outpatient exercise & education programme

Approximately 2-6 weeks after discharge, you will be invited to attend a consultation with a cardiac rehabilitation nurse and a clinical exercise physiologist. The timescale of this appointment will depend on the type of procedure you have experienced and your rate of recovery from it. One-to-one discussions with the cardiac rehabilitation nurse and a fitness assessment with the clinical exercise physiologist will be conducted at the start of the programme. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns, such as:

  • Any new or unusual symptoms you may be experiencing
  • Medications and their effects
  • Your options for attending the exercise programme and education sessions
  • Coronary heart disease risk factors
  • Guidance on physical activity, exercise and return to work (if applicable)
  • Any other concerns that you have about your recovery
  • The results of your exercise assessment
  • A referral to see a dietician and/or psychologist (if applicable).

The next phase of your rehabilitation is based on a 16 session exercise programme that will typically be undertaken twice a week, but which you will be expected to complete in a maximum of 10 weeks. The programme will be individually tailored to your specific needs, capabilities and any goals that you may want to achieve. All sessions will be supervised by trained exercise specialists who will review your programme at regular intervals and help you progress towards your goals. 

Throughout this phase, you will also receive further support from the multidisciplinary team, including a series of education sessions. These cover a range of topics ranging from: ‘understanding your heart condition’ and ‘healthy eating advice’ to ‘medication for the heart’ and ‘physical activity and exercise following your heart event’.

On completion of your programme, you will have a repeat exercise assessment to determine your level of progress. It will also give you opportunity to discuss any ongoing issues you may have.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a programme for people with breathing problems. It is designed to help you manage your breathing and make your day-to-day living easier. It consists of a supervised programme of exercise and education. The programme is tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

The service

Who can attend?

Anybody with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), who is limited by their breathlessness.

How do I get referred for Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Your GP or practice nurse can refer you to Pulmonary Rehabilitation. You can also be referred by the community COPD team if you are under their care.

What happens on the programme?

At the start of the programme you will have an appointment with an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist to assess your general health and exercise ability.

You will be asked to:

a) Complete some questionnaires that tell us about breathing
b) Undertake an exercise test, so we can measure how much you are able to manage before you start the programme.

What happens after the assessment?

You will be invited to attend the programme twice a week for 6 weeks, on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Exercise sessions are run in small groups, with each session split into two parts:

Exercise class:

Overseen by health professionals in a safe environment, to help you with exercises you can do on a regular basis to improve your breathing.

Informal discussions/talks:

A number of different topics are covered to help you learn more about the lungs, your breathing and the management of your condition, including;

  • What is COPD?
  • Managing exacerbations (flare ups) of COPD
  • Nutrition & COPD
  • Getting the best out of your inhalers.
  • Oxygen therapy in COPD
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Sputum clearance
  • Breathe easy support group
  • Breathlessness management
  • Benefits entitlement
  • Coping with COPD
  • Smoking cessation (one-to-one appointments)

Once you have completed the programme, we repeat the questionnaires and exercise assessment to determine your level of improvement.

You will also be invited to continue with a tailored exercise programme for a small charge.

For more information about Pulmonary Rehabilitation, please contact 024 7623 4570. If you are a health professional and wish to arrange rehabilitation sessions for a patient with moderate, severe or very severe COPD (MRC 3-5), the please access the GP Gateway for a referral form.

Ongoing Exercise Sessions

Members are encouraged to maintain improved fitness and wellbeing through ongoing exercise plans devised and monitored by our team of highly trained health professionals.

The service

When can I attend?

You can start these sessions as soon as you’ve had the fitness assessment at the end of your NHS funded exercise programme.

Are the sessions the same as the ones I’ve just finished?

There’s a lot more choice and flexibility with these sessions. You can drop in to the gym Monday to Friday without having to book in advance. Just remember to arrive early enough to allow you to finish your programme before the end of the session.

Will specialist staff be on hand to help?

Yes, the same exercise team members that have helped you this far will be there to encourage and assist you through these exercise sessions.

Regular Programme Reviews

Members of our specialist team will regularly discuss and review your exercise related aims to ensure that programmes are tailored specifically to your individual requirements and capabilities. 

What members say:

“Exercising at the gym has been a new experience for me. Coming to the gym is very enjoyable, as my exercise programme is not only tailored to my own level of fitness, but because I feel very secure in the Centre's safe and friendly environment. The sessions also enable you to make and meet new friends – and above all, offer great value for money.”  
Kay – Atrium member.

“I’ve been attending since September 2012 and now live a completely different life to what was the norm during my ‘heart trouble’. Today I am a lot fitter and healthier – thanks largely to the facilities and staff at the Centre for Exercise and Health. They are there to help everyone, regardless of their capabilities. So, my advice is to make the most of everything Atrium can offer.”
Dave – Atrium member.

Can I rejoin these sessions if I haven’t attended for a while?

Yes. We do ask you to contact the department first and discuss your return with a member of staff. If you have not attended for more than 6 months or have missed sessions through illness, you may need an exercise assessment before you start back. Please ask a member of the team for more details. 

Can I bring a guest to these exercise sessions?

If you have a friend or family member who would like to attend the exercise sessions with you, then please ask a member of staff for more information about a ‘guest assessment.’ These assessments are subject to a charge of £25 (concessions apply for Passport to Leisure holders).

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